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Set of 8 - Stainless Steel Tube Solar Lamp Lights


2.4Ghz 2.4" LCD Screen Wireless 1/4" CMOS Camera Portable Baby Monitor Green    Portable Baby Monitor Green2.4Gz 2.4" LCD Screen Wireless 1/4" CMOS Camera 

E27 10W 166 LED Warm White Light LED Corn Light Bulb(110V)


 Set of 12 - Copper Garden Solar Landscape Lighting Light Set

Outside Solar Lighting

E27 4.5W 81 LED 450 Lumen Pure White LED Corn Light Bulb(110V)

LED Replacement Bulbs,

 LED Grow Lights


7 LED Latest Frog Lamp Warning Light Bicyclelight Red  

LED Bicycle Accent and Safety Lights

 10 Zones Home Security Intelligent GSM Burglar Alarm Systems

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 7" LCD 2.4GHz Wireless Baby Monitor Kit with 2pcs Wireless Night Vision Cameras

Baby Monitors, Surveillance

 Fire-Safe Combination Home Safe

Home, Office

 and Gun Safes

 2Pcs 3.7V 3600mAh UltraFire 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries Blue 

Rechargable Batteries and Chargers

 24 LED Flexible Car Strip Lights Grill Light Yellow 12V

Car, Truck,  Motorcycle and Boat Accent and Safty Lights

 2.4Ghz 4CH Wireless Receiver and Night Vision Wireless Camera RC202+CM701

Surveillance Systems



     LightnSecure specializes in providing domestic and commercial properties with the best possible security systems available. Their goal is to bring the two elements that customers are looking for, quality and affordability, together under one roof. Hence, they have developed a huge range of products that are both of these things. Whether you want to protect a single item by putting them in safes that are strong secure and fireproof, or whether you want to protect an entire home with a quality self-install digital security camera, it is all possible. Besides security items, they also offer a range of LED lighting products, designed to help you create a beautiful outdoor space. Their outdoor solar LED lights are particularly popular.  Along with outdoor they carry LED, indoor light bulbs, car, truck, bicycle motercycle and boat accent lights. 





Why Do We Need Security?

     You may wonder why there is a need at all to have this type of security. What are the chances of burglaries taking place, after all. Some would even say that having security in place makes you more liable to get burgled, because it will tell people that there is something there worth stealing. This is known to be untrue. The vast majority of burglaries are not planned in advance. Rather, a burglar will drive through a neighborhood and pick a home that looks as if the occupants aren't there. They will always go for the least protected property, simply because that is easier.

     But what are the chances of getting burgled, particularly for domestic properties. We know that commercial properties have to be protected, as this is often a requirement of their insurance. But is there any need for domestic properties? Statistics don't lie, as they say, and looking at the crime statistics for our country, you may start to understand why having some form of security in place is not just recommended but actually essential.

     There were nearly nine million home burglaries in our country last year. This is virtually unchanged from previous years, which means that things aren't getting worse, but they certainly aren't getting better either. There is a suggestion that home security actually has a big role to play in this. Because of the effects of the global recession, people have become increasingly desperate for money, hence it stands to reason that the number of burglaries would go up. However, since people are investing more in their security systems, a larger number of burglaries will be unsuccessful, leaving the overall number at the same level. Indeed, there are no real figures on attempted burglary.

     Geographical location also plays a major role in how much home security you are likely to need, of course. Indeed, states such as Nevada, California, Oregon and New Mexico have far higher burglary crime rates than other states. Within those states, certain cities also have higher rates, and within that, certain neighborhoods. It is very important to look into the crime rates of the area you live in, in order to determine what kind of security you actually need. As such, St. Louis in Missouri is the worst city in our country to live in when it comes to property crimes. For successful larceny and theft offenses, the worst city is San Antonia Texas. That is not to say that you wouldn't experience a burglary in a city like New York City, New York, but simply that you have less chance. Perhaps because nearly every home in New York City has a security system at home.